How Does Seattle Gummy Stack up Against The Competition? 


Whether you’re an athlete, a weekend warrior, or simply a person who needs the energy to get through your day, you’ve likely heard about caffeine gummies. These are all the rage with athletes and office workers alike. With a glut of caffeine chews on the market, how do you decide which one is right for you? One way is to look at the amount of caffeine a gummy contains. The more caffeine it contains, the better value per chew, and the greater impact on your energy, whether you are about to work out, or just trying to wake up in the morning. It’s also important to consider what other ingredients are in a chew because they will also have an impact on how the caffeine makes you feel. In this article, we’ll look at some of the popular caffeine gummies and gummy bears and compare their caffeine levels and how much they cost.

How Much Caffeine Do Caffeine Gummies Have?

1. Skratch

Skratch clocks in at the low end of the caffeine spectrum, as you can see from the chart. These gummies only contain a mere 50mg of caffeine per chew.

2. Honey Stinger

Honey stinger comes in second and has slightly more caffeine than Skratch, at 75mg of caffeine per individual chew.

3. Clif Bloks

The amount of caffeine in Clif Bloks varies from flavor to flavor, with their black cherry flavored chew containing 50mg of caffeine and their other two flavors, Orange and Tropical Punch clocking in at a minuscule 25mg of caffeine per chew.

4. Awake

Awake contains 50 mg of caffeine per serving of chocolate, making it number four on our chart of caffeine amount per weight.

5. Punch’d

Punch’d caffeine chews have 100mg of caffeine per chew, making them number five on our comparison chart of caffeine “gummy bears”.

6. Mocca Shot

The Mocca Shot has 200mg of caffeine per chew, which is as much caffeine as two cups of coffee, making this the most efficient caffeine chew on our chart.

How do Caffeine Gummies Impact Energy?

Caffeine gummies are highly absorbable forms of caffeine, with the caffeine entering the bloodstream through the mouth in less than five minutes! Compare this to drinkable caffeine, which can take upwards of 45 minutes to digest and be absorbed into the bloodstream. It’s no wonder that gummy bears with caffeine in them are becoming the go-to choice for energy. Especially if you need your energy on the go, caffeine gummies are easy to slip into a pocket or purse and are there when you need them. Just make sure that they won’t melt on you, due to body heat or if it is hot where you are working out. Seattle Gummy’s Mocca Shot is formulated to withstand melting when they get warm! One more reason to choose caffeine gummies is that they are very convenient. No more stops at coffee shops or shlepping to the break room and interrupting your flow to get the energy you need to get through your afternoon.

Seattle Gummy’s Mocca Shot: More than Caffeine!

Seattle Gummy’s Mocca Shot is ounce for ounce and dollar for dollar, the best caffeine chew on the market today. With far more caffeine than the competing caffeine chews or gummy bears, the Mocca shot offers the best value in the competitive world of caffeine chews. And not only does the Mocca Shot offer 200mg of natural caffeine per chew, but it is also chock full of healthful ingredients like Dutch cocoa which is high in antioxidants, the brain-boosting herb Ginkgo Biloba and energizing B vitamins. B Vitamins help your body make energy, and they also nourish the brain, which is what you want during a mid-afternoon slump. Gingko Biloba is a Chinese herb that has been used for thousands of years to support brain health. Recent studies have shown that taking Gingko Biloba increases people’s verbal recall and stimulates the parts of the brain associated with learning and memory.

The next time you need energy during a long day, you can reach for a Mocca Shot and know that you’ll be getting steady, smooth energy, without that annoying crash. Keep a Mocca Shot in your pocket for when you need an afternoon pick me up. The Mocca Shot comes in six yummy flavors including salted caramel, chocolate raspberry, and red hot chili pepper. The next time you have a craving for gummy bears, try a Mocca Shot instead!