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10 Interesting Facts About Chocolate

While we already know that chocolate has many health benefits, here are some interesting facts about chocolate that you may not know: 1. Chocolate is literally “the food of the gods”. Chocolate originates from the cacao tree, the botanical name of which is Theobroma Cacao. Theobroma is derived from the Greek theos meaning “god” and […]

Giving up Coffee? Try Mocca Shots

cancer coffee

This last week, you may have heard about the ruling by a California judge requiring coffee companies to put a cancer warning on coffee beverages sold in the state. But—haven’t there been many studies touting the health benefits of coffee? Why is California making this requirement? All the troubles start with a chemical compound called […]

Chocolate Keeps You Focused

Chocolate and caffeine

How to Win Spring Cleaning

win spring cleaning

Spring is right around the corner – which means longer days, April showers bring May flowers, and of course spring cleaning. At least two of those three things we can look forward to. To help maximize your time this spring, here are some helpful cleaning hacks to get more ____ done in less time! So, […]

Moderate coffee consumption is good for you

coffee bowl

A massive umbrella study published in the British Medical Journal has concluded that moderate coffee intake is generally safe for most of the population. The review examined over 200 meta-studies on the health effects of coffee consumption and concluded that three to five cups a day looks to be the safest maximum volume one should consume. The […]

Caffeine boosts enzyme that could protect against dementia

Caffeine has well-known short-term stimulating effects on central nervous system, but the long-term impacts on cognition have been less clear. Scientists from Indiana University (IU) just gave those of us, who live on coffee and tea, another reason to enjoy that steaming cup of mocha. It turns out that caffeine not long gives you that […]

Gummy is a Perfect Delivery Formulation for Nutraceuticals

Cut through the noise

Are you overwhelmed by the number and types of vitamins and supplements in the grocery aisle? Have you ever found yourself looking over the numerous products wondering which one is right for you? Are you curious whether the vitamins you take are effective? How do you know if nutrition information you find on the web is accurate? With […]