What are Hydration Gummies & How Do They Work?

Hydration Gummies

When it comes to hydration, choosing the right supplement is essential for any outdoor activity. Whether you’re working, hiking, or competing in an athletic event, keeping your body hydrated is essential for excellent performance and physical safety. Let’s talk about an easy, effective way to hydrate everyone in the family! Please keep reading to learn more about hydration gummies and how they help you stay hydrated. 

What are Hydration Gummies? 

Hydration gummies are also known as electrolyte gummies, hydrating gummies, or even potassium gummies. All of these terms describe a small, gummy candy that has been filled with valuable electrolytes. Electrolytes are essential minerals that help your body stay hydrated. Found naturally in fruits and vegetables, supplementing electrolytes is also popular and often necessary under physically strenuous or environmentally extreme conditions. Hydration gummies are an easy and often tasty way to take in electrolytes when exercising outdoors.

How Do Hydration Gummies Work?

Like other hydration products, electrolyte gummies deliver a generous dose of essential electrolytes to replenish electrolytes lost through sweat. Hydration gummies contain a range of vital minerals in different ratios. Since your body needs specific electrolytes in specific amounts and ratios, finding a hydrating gummy with the right balance is critical for real hydration.

Unlike capsules, tablets, or powders, gummies break down in the mouth. This offers two benefits:

  1. Absorption starts in the mouth. Your mouth is lined with thin skin that’s filled with tiny blood vessels called capillaries. When you chew a gummy that begins to dissolve in your mouth (chew your gummies thoroughly), those capillaries can take in electrolytes immediately. In contrast, pills, capsules, and powders start their absorption process in the digestive tract, which takes more time than a gummy.
  2. Gummies are significantly easier on the stomach than other hydrating products. And since dehydration can result in nausea, keeping things gentle on the stomach helps prevent further dehydration. 

Why is Staying Hydrated so Important?

Hydration, or the body’s ability to keep its fluid levels balanced, involves drinking enough water and taking in enough electrolytes. Without the tiny bits of charged minerals known as electrolytes, your body can’t keep the right balance of fluids in your cells, organs, and blood. This leads to dehydration which results in fatigue, dizziness and could become life-threatening if not treated properly. Proper hydration, in addition to keeping you safe, supports optimal performance.

What Makes Hydration Gummies Hydrating?

Hydration gummies get one of their other names, potassium gummies, from their ingredients. Electrolytes like potassium, sodium, and chloride are what make hydrating gummies, well, hydrating.  Each electrolyte plays a specific part in the intricate dance of hydration. The World Health Organization (WHO) uses the following electrolytes in its hydration formula:

  1. Sodium

    Sodium is the most critical electrolyte and also the most easily lost through sweat. Essential for hydration, sodium is also used by your muscles and nerves.
  2. Potassium

    Commonly associated with bananas, this valuable electrolyte works in tandem with sodium as fluids enter and exit cells. Potassium is also crucial to proper muscle function.
  3. Chloride

One of the most essential and abundant electrolytes found in the human body, chloride plays a massive role in homeostasis and hydration, including helping the body balance the fluid level between cells and interstitial space and working to keep the body’s acids and bases in check.

  1. Magnesium

    While magnesium plays a role in hydration, it’s primarily used to help your muscles move (including your heart) and build bones. Magnesium also plays a role in your body’s energy production.
  2. Glucose

    Sugar, or glucose, is considered an electrolyte by the WHO. Your body uses electrolytes to absorb water into the body in the right amounts and at the correct rates. If your body has glucose, it can use those simple sugars to absorb sodium and water in a proper 1:1 ratio from the small intestine into your bloodstream. 

Seattle Gummy (SGC) released the world’s first electrolyte and fuel hydration gummy: The HydraFuel gummy. With its balanced blend of bio-available electrolytes, the delicious HydraFuel gummy boosts energy and performance while keeping you safely hydrated. 

Top 2 Key Benefits of Supplementing Hydrating Gummies

1. High bioavailability + Fast Absorption

Gummies are easily broken down in the mouth and digested, making their ingredients readily available. Your body starts absorbing a gummy’s ingredients while you chew it thoroughly. Thin skin, called mucosa, filled with tiny blood vessels, lines your mouth. When you chew and mix an electrolyte gummy’s ingredients with your saliva, it washes around your mouth and over that vascular skin to be absorbed.

2. Immediate Energy

One of the first signs of dehydration is fatigue. Other symptoms can include a decline in mental energy and focus. A HydraFuel gummy gives you almost immediate access to vital electrolytes that will arrest (or prevent) that dehydrating process. Its benefits continue with that hearty dose of glucose. Glucose is immediately available fuel for your muscles or instant energy, and it also acts as an electrolyte and attacks fatigue from the hydration angle. 

HydraFuel Gummies are an easy, effective way to stay deliciously hydrated. Their non-melting formula makes them perfect for long runs, rides, hikes, or any activity you’re doing on a hot day. Feel the difference an SGC gummy makes; try the HydraFuel gummy today.