How Long Do Energy Chews Take to Work?

Energy Gummies

How Long Do Energy Chews Take to Work?

If you’re reaching for an energy chew, it’s safe to say that you need energy, and you need it now. Modern life is full of demands that require you to have good energy; clear, steady non-jittery energy so you can get everything done. That’s where energy gummies, convenient, energizing treats, come into play. Please keep reading if you’re wondering how long energy chews take to work and how to time them for the best results. 

When to Take Energy Gummies

How Long Does it Take for Energy Chews to Work?

Your energy gummy will start to work within 3-5 minutes. The chart above shows the absorption rate for caffeinated gum. In three minutes, 20% of the caffeine in your energy chew is  absorbed into your bloodstream. At ten minutes, about 50% of the caffeine is absorbed, and 80% of the caffeine will be absorbed before 20 minutes. How is this possible? It usually takes coffee, tea, or an energy drink at least 30 to 45 minutes to start working. When you chew an energy gummy, its ingredients will begin to absorb even faster than gum through the thin skin of your mouth, and the rest will quickly be absorbed in your digestive tract. Since gummies are chewed and dissolve quickly, they don’t need much digestion, whereas liquid caffeine requires digestion for the caffeine to be absorbed through your small intestine, which can take 45 minutes or longer. 

Is There Caffeine in Energy Chews?

It will depend on the brand, but energy chews generally have caffeine. If you want to take a lower dose of caffeine, you can eat part of a gummy. Here at Seattle Gummy, we know that you may not want a full 200 mg of caffeine all at once, so we put our Mocca Shot energy chews in resealable pouches, so you can eat part of one and save the rest for later. So, for example, if you want the amount of caffeine a cup of tea has, eat about half a gummy. One pouch has two energy chews, so if you know you want more energy, you can always eat both!  

Are Energy Chews Good for You?

Again, this is going to depend on the brand. Some energy gummies, like our Mocca Shot, are made with , plant-based, non-GMO ingredients and extra healthy ingredients like B vitamins. Yes, there’s sugar in our energy gummies, but they’re gummies, and since you only eat one or two at a time, there’s little health impact. If you are concerned about your sugar intake, which is reasonable, we make a sugar-free Mocca Shot as well. 

The daily amount of caffeine considered safe for healthy adults is 400 mg. Caffeine offers many health benefits, including protecting the brain and nervous system and reducing pain from exercise. However, everyone’s body processes caffeine differently, which is connected to our genetics. You likely know how much caffeine works for you and how much is too much. If you’re unsure, it’s easy to figure out using energy gummies. Start with one-quarter of a Mocca Shot gummy or about 25 mg of caffeine, similar to a small or weak cup of green tea. Wait 15-30 minutes and see how you feel. Then try another quarter of a gummy. Do this until you feel the right about of energy and clarity, and monitor how much of the gummies you eat during the day. (It’s best to stop taking caffeine 4-6 hours before bed.) Be sure to note if you start to feel any of caffeine’s adverse effects, like jitteriness. However, not all caffeine sources are created equal. A Mocca Shot is formulated for clear, steady energy and includes special herbs and functional foods that support the caffeine. An energy gummy with lower quality caffeine and no other helpful ingredients might feel much different, even if you’re technically taking the same amount of caffeine. 

Seattle Gummy Energy Chews

At Seattle Gummy, we want to help you get ____ done and feel great while you accomplish your tasks and goals. That’s why we’ve formulated our famous Mocca Shot energy gummies with ingredients to boost your physical and mental energy. We’ve loaded the Mocca Shot with more caffeine than competing gummies. Why can we do that? Our patented gummy technology lets us add more beneficial ingredients to our energy chews without compromising taste. Other gummies can’t do that, so they use less of the healthy ingredients. 

Our Mocca Shots are also full of other healthful, energy-boosting ingredients, like the Chinese herb ginkgo biloba. Ginkgo biloba is a powerful herb that increases circulation to the whole body, but especially to the brain. This gives you more mental focus and clarity, while B vitamins help your body make more energy and nourish your nervous system. We round out the Mocca Shot arsenal with a hearty dose of nootropic Dutch cocoa powder, which tastes delicious and supports your brain! To shop our wide variety of yummy Mocca Shot flavors like salted caramel and raspberry chocolate, please click here