Why Gummy Bears Can be Good for You

Gummy Bears

Love gummy bears? Did you know gummy bears can be good for you? Athletes like bodybuilders use them before their workouts for easy fuel. In this article, we’ll look more closely at why athletes use gummy bears, and how gummy bears can be good for you. 

Why do Athletes Eat Gummy Bears?

Carbs, or sugars, are essential for building strength, increasing physical performance, and muscle gain. Simple carbs, like the ones you get from gummy bears, help athletes replenish their glycogen stores after being depleted from intense physical activity. Carbs break down into glucose, which is stored in the muscles as glycogen. When glucose levels in the blood rise, your body will use it immediately for fuel or store it as glycogen to be used later. Glycogen is like our muscle’s battery pack—it’s backup energy. It is mostly stored in the muscles and the liver. Glycogen is a multibranch polysaccharide, which is another way of saying it is a big group of glucose molecules. When cells need energy, they can break off a piece of glucose from the glycogen chain. 

There is a short window of time after a workout where the body is most effective at turning glucose into glycogen. This metabolic window only lasts between 30 and 120 minutes after a workout. Outside of this window, the body converts glucose into glycogen less efficiently. So taking in simple carbs during this window is incredibly important for athletes. Many bodybuilders will eat simple carbs, like gummy bears or a post-workout gummy, right after their workouts. Research has shown that high-glycemic, or fast-acting, carbs are best right after a workout. Bodybuilders prefer gummy bears because of the kind of sugars they contain, like dextrose and high fructose corn syrup. These carbs are quickly absorbed by their bodies because they do not have to be digested to be absorbed. Low glycemic carbs, like fructose in fruit, don’t break down fast enough to use during the post-workout metabolic window. 

So Gummy Bears Can be Good for You?

Anything in moderation can be good for you if it brings you joy. And, like we just saw, athletes like bodybuilders find high value in the quick-release sugar offered by gummy bears. However, unless you’re using gummy bears for a specific physical activity-related purpose, gummy bears are still candy and need to be enjoyed in moderation. Otherwise, too much sugar can have negative impacts on your health. 

Should You Eat Gummy Bears?

Yes, you should eat gummy bears like bodybuilders and athletes do. Even if you’re not an athlete or a bodybuilder, you can still take advantage of the readily available energy stored in gummy bears. Eat a handful before and after your next workout. You’re sure to notice a difference in your energy level and results. Or power up your next round of chores, like house cleaning or yard work, with some colorful gummy bears. 

Why Functional Gummy Bears?

Another guilt-free way to incorporate gummy bears into your life is with functional gummies. A functional gummy is a gummy candy that’s healthier than regular candy. Functional candy is often made with higher quality ingredients, like healthier sugars, and often has vitamins, minerals, and other health-boosting ingredients. There are many types of functional candy gummy bears. Some are simply made with cane sugar, as opposed to high fructose corn syrup, and use natural food colorings. Others bypass sugar altogether and use natural sweeteners like stevia or monk fruit. Some are full of extracts from superfoods like carrots, beets, and turmeric. 

If you want to branch out from gummy bears, there are many more functional gummy candies out there on the market. You can find gummy functional candy for energy, athletic performance support, overall wellness, and of course beauty. Seattle Gummy Company (SGC), has two sports performance gummies that take the idea behind eating gummy bears before a workout and elevates it. SCG’s Power Up gummy contains easy-to-use carbs, just like gummy bears. This endurance chew has two types of carbs that will release into your body at different times, giving you more sustained energy during your workout. The Power Up also contains caffeine, which provides energy and reduces pain during and after your workout. Their Recover gummy supports muscle synthesis, helps with energy storage, supports muscle recovery, and soothes any post-workout soreness.