Boost Your Energy and Endurance While Running with These Tips

Boost your energy while running

Improving your running skills takes time and training, so it is important to keep your energy up so you can improve your overall endurance. If you are someone who runs often you have probably noticed that as you improve, you must find new ways to keep yourself energized. Whether you are a beginner or a tenured runner, here are some beneficial tips to help you boost your energy and endurance while running.


Taking the time to properly warm-up before running is crucial to keeping your energy and endurance up. When you do not take the time to stretch and lightly exercise before a run, your muscles are not ready for a lot of movement and you will find yourself becoming tired much faster. You also run the risk of getting an injury if your muscles have not been thoroughly stretched.

In general, doing a lighter version of your workout as your warm-up is recommended. Be sure to do some stretches first to loosen your body up. Then take about 5 minutes to slowly jog. After these 5 minutes, do a couple running drills, like butt kicks or skips to help loosen up your joints. Now you should be ready to run! Everyone’s running style is different so consider how quickly and how far you run, then adjust your warm-up for your needs.

Break Up Your Run

If you are a long-distance runner, you may find yourself getting tired halfway through your run. To help this, you can break up your run throughout your day. Instead of running 8 miles at once, consider running 4 miles in the morning and 4 miles in the evening. You will feel more energized during a 4-mile run versus an 8-mile run, but you will still be reaching your goal of getting an 8-mile run in for that day. This may also be a better way to fit working out into your schedule. If you feel like you are too busy to dedicate an hour or two to a workout, you can break it up and work out for half an hour at a time.


Keeping yourself hydrated is key to keeping yourself energized throughout a run. When you are dehydrated you will find yourself more fatigued and less motivated to run. If you do get yourself to run, you will most likely see a decrease in your usual endurance and an inability to regulate your body temperature, which can make the experience very uncomfortable. Plus, sweating while you run dehydrates you more, so it’s extra important to be hydrated from the start.

It is not enough to drink water right before a run, you need to be sure to drink water throughout the day. In general, it is recommended that men drink 3.7 liters of water and women drink 2.7 liters of water. Of course, this is subjective to your body type and lifestyle so consult your doctor to learn how much water your body needs every day. Remember, you can increase your water intake through water-rich foods like fruits and vegetables. You can also utilize our Hydrafuel gummies, a combination of fuel with electrolytes to help athletes avoid dehydration, reduce fatigue, and maintain performance.

Include Other Forms of Exercise

Cross-training with other forms of exercise is an excellent way to boost your endurance. Different types of workouts can help to improve your muscles in ways that running cannot accomplish alone. Consider

adding some resistance-focused workouts to your routine. You can use weights to practice bicep curls or bench presses. Or you can go weight-free and add pushups or chin-ups to your routine. When you perform strength-training exercises at least 2-3 days out of the week, you can greatly improve your running endurance.

Caffeine Chews

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Seattle Gummy Company also offers pre-workout gummies to help you start your workout off right! Chew one of these little bites of endurance fuel as you warm up for your run. By the time you are done stretching you will be nice and energized. Still feeling tired halfway through your run? Carry a pack of Mocca Shots with you for an added boost mid-workout.

In Conclusion

Energy and endurance are greatly impacted by your overall diet and exercise habits. Even if running is your favorite way to work out, you still must incorporate other forms of exercises to ensure you become the most well-rounded athlete you can be. Always warm-up before these exercises and consider enjoying some pre-workout gummies to get yourself ready. When in doubt, try an energy supplement in the form of a caffeine chew for the endurance fuel you need.