What Is a Caffeine Chew?

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A caffeine chew is a gummy vitamin with caffeine to give you the energy to get through your day. They are 100% plant-based made with tapioca or rice syrup to help them get their gummy texture. Crafted by scientists, Mocca Shots are the first gummy drug to be approved by the FDA. You only need one to boost your energy, and due to their small size they are incredibly convenient to carry with you throughout your day. Mocca Shots are formulated to not melt so you never have to worry about them melting in your purse or pockets. They come in a variety of flavors, making them a tasty treat that also gives you the energy boost you need to get things done.

You take other vitamins and supplements to help you throughout your day, why not treat your caffeine like a vitamin too? Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much rest we get, we can still feel tired and unmotivated. Caffeine is something we need to stay on track and there is no better way to get your daily dose than from a convenient, delicious, caffeine chew.

Why Caffeine in a Chew?

When most people need an energy boost they go for a cup of coffee or an energy drink. The problem with these caffeine sources is they are often combined with large amounts of sugar. This means that your energy boost ends up being more of a sugar rush and you will experience burnout and fatigue very quickly. With an caffeine gummy, your body is receiving the purest caffeine it can without extra ingredients that can make you feel weighed down. Stay light on your feet and alert with a caffeine gummy and its wonderful benefits. Here are some other great reasons to try a caffeine chew.

Convenience of A Gummy

A major reason to choose a caffeine chew is the pure convenience of it. No more waiting in line at coffee shops or looking for change to use at a soda machine. Caffeine chews can be ordered online and delivered straight to your door. You can even sign up for a subscription so you never have to worry about running out. Mocca Shots come with two chews in each resealable package and are guaranteed to not melt. Each chew is equivalent to one cup of coffee and the recommended serving size is one. The package is small and discreet, making it easy to carry your extra chews throughout the day. You will be amazed at what you can get done when the caffeine that you need is always within reach.

Quick Boost (Delivered More Efficiently in Gummy Form)

Caffeine chews provide a much quicker boost than other sources of caffeine. Think about it, when you drink a cup of coffee you have to take your time to sit down and drink. Or you have to try to multitask and get your projects done while drinking your coffee. Then there is always a period after finishing your drink that you have to wait for the caffeine to kick in.

With Mocca Shots, the caffeine hits your system much faster. First of all, it takes mere seconds to finish eating a chew. This already reduces the time you would have spent sitting and drinking your coffee. Second, our mouths are lined with thin tissues and carry ample blood supply. This means that as you chew, the caffeine is already being absorbed into your bloodstream and is starting to circulate throughout your body.

You will save so much time by choosing a caffeine gummy over traditional sources of caffeine. You do not have to wait for the caffeine to be prepared or for you to digest it. Add more flexibility to your schedule and choose a caffeine gummy for the boost you need.

Chews Taste Better as a Caffeine Source!

Here is the most important reason to choose a caffeine gummy, they taste good! Mocca shots come in a variety of flavors like Dutch Chocolate, Salted Caramel Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, Orange Chocolate, Raspberry Chocolate, and Red Hot Chili Pepper. So many flavors that are so delicious! You can try a sample pack to find your favorite flavor or if you can’t choose which one is your favorite, you can always order a variety box.

In other sources of caffeine, there is not a lot of consistency in their flavor. A latte at one coffee shop may taste completely different than a latte from a café. You may find yourself going out of your way to get a drink you will like. Make things easier for yourself and order caffeine gummies that you know you will always love.

What Is the Main Caffeine Source?

The main caffeine in Mocca Shot is derived from natural sources. In fact, all of the ingredients in Mocca Shots are premium, high quality. These ingredients are also plant-based, non-GMO, and gluten free. This makes Mocca Shots an easy addition to all types of diets.

There is 200mg of caffeine in each pack of chews. To combat caffeine jitters, there are also herbal nootropics to balance out the effects of such a large amount of caffeine. Nootropics are supplements that support healthy cognitive function. This helps to make sure that not only will Mocca Shots give you the energy boost you need, but they will also help you stay focused and keep your mind sharp.

Quick Pick Me Up

Most of the time when we need caffeine we need it instantly. By the time we realize that we need an energy boost, we are already tired and unmotivated. It is not often that we are able to predict when we need caffeine and plan accordingly. This makes it more difficult for us to get things done and many people will choose to procrastinate further because of their lack of energy.

Mocca Shots are fantastic for giving you a pick me up exactly when you need it. You will never have to schedule your caffeine breaks and disrupt your routine again. Chew one Mocca Shot and within 3-5 minutes you will feel the effects hit you. Mocca Shots are perfect for when you need a boost of energy throughout the day.

Morning Wakeup

Mornings are the most crucial time to boost your energy. If you didn’t get a good night’s rest, you may wake up feeling groggy and unenergetic with a tired feeling that seems impossible to shake. You can take the time to make yourself a morning cup of coffee but some days you might feel so tired that even this simple task is difficult to get done. Make it even simpler for yourself by eating a caffeine gummy first thing in the morning.

Mocca Shots are so convenient that you could keep them next to your bed and pop one in your mouth when you wake up to turn your alarm off. Give yourself 5 more minutes to lay down and once that time is up you are going to feel a boost of energy to start your day. This will also help save you time. When

you don’t have to worry about energizing yourself for the day, you can focus on making yourself a healthy breakfast and taking your time to get ready so you will feel confident and ready to take anything on.

Midday Pick Me Up (In a Convenient Chew)

With most caffeine sources there comes a crash after your caffeine has energized you. This is especially true if your choice of caffeine includes sugary ingredients, which can cause your crash to feel extra heavy. Even if you have a cup of coffee that makes you feel perky in the morning, by the afternoon you will be crashing. Now you have to take time out of your day to recharge yourself and this can throw your whole schedule off.

A caffeine gummy offers an efficient caffeine solution that takes gives you the midday pick me up you need. No need to worry about making yourself a coffee or finding an energy drink, with caffeine gummies in your pocket you can easily enjoy one of the chews and get back to work. Stay on track and get more done with convenient caffeine chews at your fingertips.

Mid-Workout Caffiene Boost (In a Chew)

Caffeine gummies are also great for giving you that extra push you need in the middle of a workout. If you have drank a caffeinated drink before working out, all of the sweating and physical activity you are doing will cause you to sweat out that caffeine pretty fast. When you are mid-workout you also want to make sure to not ingest anything that could upset your stomach or make you feel too jittery to focus. Caffeine gummies provide an excellent solution to this problem.

Mocca Shots are convenient to keep in your gym bag and quick to eat. During your water break, you can take a minute to eat one of the gummies and by the time your break is finished your energy will be back in full swing. There are no jittery side effects or excess ingredients to upset your stomach. You can workout confidently with renewed energy to motivate you to get stronger.