Melatonin-Free Sleep Gummies: Do Sleep Gummies Need Melatonin to Work?

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With melatonin so readily available and seemingly in every product advertised to improve sleep, it may be a surprise that it is not a necessary ingredient. It is actually an ingredient that is avoided by many people in the U.S. and highly regulated in other countries. The good news for those needing sleep support is that other sleep-promoting compounds can foster a good night’s sleep without any adverse effects tied to supplementing melatonin. In this guide, we cozy up with melatonin-free sleep gummies, discussing how they work and highlighting reasons to choose them over the other supplements on the shelf.

Are there sleep gummies without melatonin?

Walk into any store that carries over-the-counter medications, and you will see many melatonin products for children and adults. This could easily lead a person to think that melatonin is the best and only ingredient to consider for sleep, but that is not true. In fact, it is indeed possible to get sleep gummies without melatonin.

Is melatonin in a sleep gummy necessary?

We’ve said it before, and we will say it again: melatonin doesn’t help you sleep. The marketing for melatonin is so successful that many may believe it is a necessary ingredient in sleep-inducing supplements. However, that is not the case. Melatonin is not a sleep aid that relaxes our bodies and minds. Instead, it is a hormone that our bodies naturally produce to regulate our sleep and wake cycles. If we start giving our bodies melatonin supplements, our bodies will adapt and become reliant on the supplement. Over time, the melatonin will build up and then stop working, and if we stop taking the supplement, our bodies will be out of balance and essentially go into withdrawal. If you are starting to worry, rest assured that supplementing melatonin is nuanced, with some distinct advantages, and the general scientific consensus is that melatonin supplements are considered safe when taken at low doses for a short period of time.

But whether you are a melatonin-lover, melatonin-avoider, or just someone who cherishes sleep, there are other ingredients to look for in sleep aid gummies, namely these two prized medicinal herbs: valerian root and wild jujube.

Valerian root is a tall flowering plant native to Europe and Asia that has been used in traditional medicine since ancient Greek and Roman times. It is regarded for its sedative properties that calm the brain and nervous system, and it is an essential ingredient in sleep aid gummies because it can help promote relaxation and restorative sleep.

Ziziphus jujuba, or jujube, is a plant with a little red fruit native to South Asia and has been used in Korean and Traditional Chinese medicine for centuries to calm the mind and body. It has been used for centuries in traditional medicine to help treat anxiety, aid digestion, and foster sleep. It is also a good source of potassium, vitamin C, and phenolic compounds that can help fight the effects of free radicals. Although Western scientific research is still emerging, a study published in 2023 shows that jujube seed extract elongates sleep time, increases sleep quality, supports healthy stress responses, improves brain functioning, and improves gut health.

It is important to note that these sleep aids should not be taken by pregnant women or people taking certain medications, and they should not be mixed with alcohol.

Why choose melatonin-free sleep gummies?

There are many reasons to choose melatonin-free sleep gummies, including the following:

They contain a high concentration of sleep-promoting compounds that can help build a healthy sleep cycle.
They are sugar-free, so you don’t load up on sugar right before bed.
They contain valerian root, which helps reduce the time it takes to fall asleep and can improve sleep quality. Even amidst calls for more research, valerian root is considered safe and gentle.
They contain jujube seed extract that is well regarded as a superfood that can promote sleep and contribute to health and well-being.
The ingredients do not interfere with the body’s hormone regulation system.

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