Seattle Gummy Company Receives Additional Investment from WaterStone Capital in Series A Financing

SEATTLE, Washington − Seattle Gummy Company (SGC), a Seattle Washington based nutraceutical and pharmaceutical company focusing on functional gummy formulations, has received a follow-on investment from its existing investor, WaterStone Capital, in the company’s series A financing. The investment will help the company to aggressively expand sales and marketing efforts as well as accelerate company’s gummy pharmaceutical products development. Built upon its proprietary Functional Gummy® technology platform, SGC is currently marketing several Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) inspired gummy nutraceutical products under these brands: MOCCA SHOTS™, ENERGON QUBE™, FUNCTIONAL FRUIT®, and SEATTLE BEAUTY®.  “With our sales marketing team busy building the brand and fulfilling the demands for our TCM inspired gummy products, our R&D team is laser focused on gummy pharmaceutical product development this year,” said Dr. Connie Wan, the CEO of the company, “we are in the process of preparing the new drug application for our first medicine gummy — an allergy gummy. WaterStone’s follow-on investment in the series A demonstrated the confidence from our existing investor in the potential of our new drugs pipeline.” “We have been extremely impressed with the tremendously amount of progress that SGC team has made over 2017. We’ve witnessed and experienced the amazing technologies that the company has developed to enable the gummy pharmaceuticals.” Said Mr. Yigang Yang, the Managing Director of WaterStone, “We firmly believe in the potential of gummy medicine and have the full confidence in the SGC management team to make this company a great success in gummy medicine space.” About Seattle Gummy Company (SGC): SGC is an R&D focused developer and manufacturer of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical gummy products. The company specializes in formulating Functional Gummy® products combining the wealth of the in-house knowledge in pharmaceutics, organic chemistry, natural product chemistry, western medicine, and herbal medicine. The company provides performance focused nutraceutical supplements inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that fit to each customer’s unique life style.  The current TCM based nutraceutical product line includes MOCCA SHOTS™, ENERGON QUBE™, FUNTIONAL FRUIT®, and SEATTLE BEAUTY®. To learn more about SGC, visit About WaterStone Capital (WaterStone): WaterStone is an international investment firm providing seed, pre-A and A-round venture capital to early to mid-stage technology-based companies. WaterStone has positioned its investment strategies and core competence around the concept of “Small Company Big Technology” (SCBT). With a cross-border management team experienced in capital market, technology development and IP commercialization, WaterStone facilitates the growth of its portfolio companies as both a financial and a strategic partner. For more information, visit (English) and (Chinese).