Study Finds That a Lifetime of Regular Exercise Slows Down Aging

Slump & Stay Energized

We have all experienced those days when it feels impossible to keep our energy up. Sometimes, no matter how much sleep we’ve gotten, our fatigue can chase us throughout the day.

A cup of coffee in the morning can help you start your day right, but what do you when your caffeine has run out? The midday crash is no joking matter! Here are some of the best ways to fight that fatigue.

Take Breaks to Move Around

Physical movement is a great way to boost your energy levels. Sometimes we sink into an afternoon slump because we have been sitting all day and our bodies are getting used to the lack of movement. It can be very helpful to get up, stretch, and walk around a little bit throughout your day to keep your energy up and your awareness sharp. Especially after a lunch break, your body may want to slip into a comfortable food coma, but you can fight this by keeping your body moving, which will aid in digestion as well.

Moving around more frequently at work increases the flow of oxygen in your body, which helps to keep your mind alert. If you have a meeting scheduled with a colleague, consider asking them to go for a walk with you instead of sitting at a desk. Encourage your coworkers to join you and you will see productivity increase.

Listen to Music

Listening to music is a great tool to keep your mind focused. Music helps to drown out background noise that would otherwise cause a distraction. It can also motivate you to keep working, depending on the kind of music you play. Some people enjoy really high-energy, bass-heavy music to keep their energy up so they can get all of their work done, while others prefer calmer, lo-fi music to help them relax and stay on track. Play around with different types of music to see what genre works best for you.

Music is also a great way to help your energy when working out. What music you listen to when you exercise can really set the tone for your workout. Upbeat, energetic music is great for keeping your adrenaline pumping to push yourself to finish a workout. Music can also help you transition out of a workout and into a period of relaxation if you follow your high energy music with something more subdued.

Try a Caffeine Chew

Caffeine chews are gummy vitamins with the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee. They come in small, discreet packaging, making them incredibly easy to carry around with you. As you chew, the caffeine is already getting into your bloodstream due to the thin skin in your mouth and ample amount of blood vessels. Within three to five minutes, you will feel the caffeine hit your system, and suddenly you will be wide awake again.

Seattle Gummy Company has curated caffeine gummies in a variety of flavors, like salted caramel chocolate, that are perfect for fighting your afternoon crash. These caffeine chews are guaranteed to work 3 times faster than a cup of coffee. Plus, they are more convenient because you don’t have to take the time to prepare anything, like you would with a cup of coffee! With , plant-based ingredients,

these caffeine gummies also have a blend of herbal nootropics, which take away caffeine jitters. Caffeine chews are a fantastic way to fight afternoon fatigue.


Taking time to meditate throughout the day can do wonders for your energy levels. Many great minds, like Steve Jobs, have sworn by meditation and have vouched for how much it has helped them. Often times, the more anxious we feel, the more our energy can become depleted. Meditation is a great way to clear your mind and soothe anxiety.

If you are new to meditation, you can go through a process as simple as taking 5-7 deep breaths. Taking deep breaths with a full inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth in a big sigh helps to get your oxygen flowing. This oxygen flow will help your energy levels increase. Mindful exercises like this are a great way to get moments of restoration throughout your day.

Alter Your Schedule

Take into account how you feel on a day-to-day basis and notice what times you get tired. Then take this information to best curate your schedule for your energy levels. If you have a lot of energy in the mornings, plan your heftier tasks for the morning so you know you’ll be able to get them done. Then when dealing with lighter tasks in the afternoon, you won’t feel so tired because it won’t feel like it’s taking a lot of effort to work on them. You can use this schedule to add caffeine breaks to your routine when you really need it!