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SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – Seattle Gummy Company (SGC) is a leading developer and manufacturer of gummy-based nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products.  Many bioactive ingredients taste terrible, which is why they are normally administered via pill or tablet.  Pills are inefficient: the compounds can be destroyed in the stomach, and/or filtered by the liver and they take time to be absorbed by the body.  In addition, young children generally lack swallowing capability to take pills, and more than 20% of adult population suffer from a condition called, dysphagia, difficulty in swallowing.

SGC scientists have built key technology around drug delivery, API-complexing, controlled-release carbohydrates, and OTC & prescription medications.  SGCs API complexing technology combines drug actives in the into a gummy matrix with the desired texture, stability, solubility and taste profile. As a result, SGC scientists are able to isolate the unpleasant taste of active compounds while improving their absorption and bioavailability.

SGCs gummy format is designed to deliver bioactive compounds fast and effectively through oral absorption when chewed. The tissues of the mouth are thin with ample blood supply, which means active ingredients are absorbed directly to the blood stream and circulated quickly through the body.

“I am a mom, I hated feeding my young son syrups.  They are sticky, yucky, and spills everywhere, and, most of all, it is nearly impossible to measure those gooey syrups.  This means that I never know how much medication I actually dosed my son when he needed it the most.  It is so barbaric – for goodness sake, we landed on the Mars, and we are still treating our kids with 18th century technology,” said Dr. Connie Wan, “we are going to change it.  We make gummy drugs just so kids can take medications.”  

The company is scheduling the clinical trial for its first gummy drug, Ceteric Allergy Gummy.  The trial has been published at and can be found here:

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About Seattle Gummy Company (SGC):  SGC is an R&D focused developer of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical gummy products. The company specializes in formulating Functional Gummmies® combining the wealth of the in-house knowledge in pharmaceutics, western medicine, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. The company offers a range of performance-focused gummies including caffeine gummies, beauty gummies, and sports gummies.  To learn more, visit

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