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Seattle Gummy Company Secures The First (IND) Gummy Drug Approval From FDA

SEATTLE, Oct. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Seattle Gummy Company’s breakthrough gummy drug program, which delivers Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) in its innovative gummy matrix, recently won its first Investigational New Drug Application (IND) approval from FDA on the company’s allergy gummy medication, designated as IND 140312. Led by founder and CEO, Dr. Connie Wan, SGC redefines a household staple […]

Seattle Gummy Company® featured in Seattle Morning News with Dave Ross

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – In an interview with Seattle Morning News host, Dave Ross aired on Thanksgiving Morning, titled “Dr. Connie Wan, candy medicine for children?,” Seattle Gummy Company’s founder/CEO discussed candidly about the challenges in the journey of turning a household favorite food item into a carrier for delivering medication to children.  Find the audio […]

Seattle Gummy Company® featured on Cheddar TV

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – In an interview with Cheddar TV, titled “Seattle Gummy Company wants to revolutionize medicine for kids.” Seattle Gummy Company’s founder/CEO Dr. Connie Wan shared with the audience why gummy is a perfect format for delivering medicines, why large pharmaceutical companies have largely missed the space, and what Seattle Gummy Company is doing […]

Seattle Gummy Company’s first gummy drug listed on clinicaltrial.gov


SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – Seattle Gummy Company (SGC) is a leading developer and manufacturer of gummy-based nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products.  Many bioactive ingredients taste terrible, which is why they are normally administered via pill or tablet.  Pills are inefficient: the compounds can be destroyed in the stomach, and/or filtered by the liver and they take time to be absorbed […]