5 Features to Look for When Shopping for the Best Electrolyte Gummies

Best Electrolyte Gummies

Electrolytes affect your body’s ability to hydrate effectively, impacting your performance and safety. The first sign of dehydration is fatigue. Dehydration’s initial, irritating effect on performance can quickly become dangerous during strenuous exercise in the heat and sun. An electrolyte gummy is a highly effective way to give your body the critical minerals needed to keep your fluid levels steady and your energy up. Choosing the best electrolyte gummies that are easy to absorb and effectively hydrate will help you reach and exceed your performance goals while supporting energy and healthy, safe hydration. 

Electrolyte Gummy Feature #1: Optimal Blend of Electrolytes 

Short version: you need an electrolyte gummy that works. Too much or too little of an electrolyte or not having all the proper electrolytes can, at best, lead to poor hydration and, at worst, can upset your stomach during a race. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends a balanced blend of the electrolytes sodium, chloride, glucose, potassium, and citrate. 

  1. Sodium
    Maintaining the proper fluid levels in your blood and body is a constant, dynamic process involving many organs, minerals, and hormones. This essential mineral is vital in how your body stores and releases water.
    Sodium also helps with nerves, muscles, and pH balance. You lose more of this electrolyte through sweat than any other, making it essential to replace during exercise. 
  2. Chloride—Essential electrolyte chloride works with other electrolytes to balance your body’s acid and base levels during exertion. It also plays a vital role in helping your body transport liquids into and out of cells. 
  3. Glucose—Simple sugars help your body absorb sodium and water in a beneficial 1:1 ratio in the small intestine and are used as an electrolyte by the WHO. 
  4. Potassium—Found in bananas, this classic mineral works with sodium to keep the right amount of fluid in your blood. Like all electrolytes, you lose potassium through your sweat. Many people take potassium to help ease muscle cramps. 
  5. Citrate—This mineral helps keep your body’s pH levels balanced if you get dehydrated, and it also supports hydration by helping the small intestine absorb more water. It also supports potassium retention. 

Electrolyte Gummy Feature #2: Fuel to Support Energy and Hydration

Glucose plays another vital role in an electrolyte gummy used for performance: it gives your body instant fuel to keep going and supports adequate hydration. Long-distance, strength, and endurance athletes know the importance of simple and complementary sugars for quick and sustained energy. A widespread practice among many athletes is eating candy, like gummy bears, before an intense training session or event. If you’re looking for an electrolyte gummy to enhance and support your physical performance for hydration, one with added glucose helps you reach both goals. 

Electrolyte Gummy Feature #3: Delicious Taste

Who wants to eat a piece of candy that tastes bad? Maybe you can eat a hydration gummy that doesn’t look yummy in the name of “what’s good for you,” but it’s not fun. Taste can pose a real challenge when giving hydration gummies to younger populations and people with pickier taste buds. Make hydration for everyone easy as pie with a delicious, sour patch margarita flavored HydraFuel hydration gummy from SGC! (Kid tested and approved.)

Electrolyte Gummy Feature #4: Fast Absorption

Absorption of electrolytes is critical to quick hydration, which makes a gummy the perfect choice for electrolytes! Gummies start releasing their electrolytes into your mouth when you chew. Your mouth is lined with thin, vascular skin that quickly absorbs electrolytes in a hydration gummy. Other electrolyte products often need to be digested, with absorption happening in the digestive tract. Hydrate faster with quick-absorbing HydraFuel gummies; they work quickly so you can stay safely hydrated and perform at your peak.

Electrolyte Gummy Feature #5: Non-Melting Formula

Many electrolyte gummies will melt if they are stored in warm temperatures. SGC knows how essential it is for an electrolyte gummy to be ready when you need it…especially if it’s hot outside. HydraFuel electrolyte gummies are formulated to keep their shape in the heat, so you can easily keep them in pockets, backpacks, and cars.

When you need hydration, it is something you need…immediately. With many performance products, their benefits, while substantial and valuable, are usually something you can survive without. Hydration’s impact starts at the performance level but quickly moves into the realm of health and safety, mainly if excessive heat and sunlight are involved. Whether you are in the middle of a summer race or hiking for the day, HydraFuel gummies act quickly and effectively hydrate your whole body. Stay safe out there and perform your best with the delicious, balanced, and quickly absorbed HydraFuel Electrolyte Gummies.