Everything You Need To Know About Immunity Shots

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If you’ve been researching immune health (maybe you’re coming down with a cold or dealing with more serious immune system issues), you’ve likely run across information about supporting your body’s natural defense systems with immunity shots. Immune supplements are sources of concentrated nutrition and phytochemicals from herbs and functional foods that help your body do what it knows: fight off pathogens and invaders. Let’s talk about immunity shots and how they could be your next best line of immune defense. 

What are Immunity Shots?

Immunity shots are single doses or servings of potent, concentrated herbs, nutrition, or functional foods and come in liquid or gummy form. Immunity shots offer a quick, readily available source of nutritional support for your immune system. Bio-availability and concentration are essential for immunity shots. Pills and capsules must be broken down before they can be digested and absorbed, which takes time. Other choices offer lower concentrations of helpful nutrition by design, while immunity shots are concentrated, increasing how quickly and effectively they work. Immunity shots are also easy and convenient, making them ideal for busy lifestyles. 

Benefits of Immunity Shots

1. Immune System Support

The herbs, fruits, and vitamins in Immunity Shots give your body the full nutritional support it needs to fend off invaders. Studies have shown that elderberries ward off viruses’ and help you heal from the flu and colds faster. Functional fruits like goji berries and cherries are rich sources of antioxidants, which support a healthy immune system.

2. Bio-Available

One key feature of immunity shots, whether liquid or gummies, is that they are easy for your body to absorb. Many supplements require digestion before they release their nutrients in an absorbable form. Seattle Gummy’s (SGC) Immunity Shot gummies work the fastest and release their ingredients while you chew.

3. Convenient & Concentrated

Immunity shots are concentrated nutritional sources designed to deliver a large payload of herbs and nutrition quickly. Convenience is key when it comes to the daily habits that build a healthy lifestyle. Designed to be quick and easy to take while on the go, immunity shots are perfect for your busiest days. 

What are Immunity Shots Good For?

1. Colds & Flu

Elderberry helps reduce the severity and duration of colds, making immunity shots with elderberry an excellent choice the next time you have the sniffles. Studies suggest that elderberry shortens how long you’re sick and how bad your symptoms become. Take immunity shots with elderberry the next time you feel the aches and chills of a virus.

2. Allergies

Help fend off allergies with antioxidants. Give your immune system a break by bringing some free radical destroying backup, and let it get back to work protecting you from irritating plant dander. 

3. Chronic Stress

If you’re dealing with long-term stress, consider supporting your immune system daily. Long-term stress can negatively affect your body’s natural defenses. And, if you’re stressed, the last thing you need is to get sick. 

How Often Should You Take Immunity Shots?

You can take them every day or as needed! Immune supplements and immunity shots are typically used in two ways; daily, proactive support defense, or as needed, e.g., if you feel like you’re coming down with something. 

  1. Daily use of immunity herbs and vitamins is the best way to keep your body’s natural defenses in tip-top shape. Like the Boy Scouts, you are always prepared for contact with germs or protected from the negative immune effects of long-term stress. It’s easy to take a Seattle Gummy (SGC) Immunity Shot every day! Unlike pills or capsules, you will want to eat that delicious gummy. The Immunity Shot’s unique non-melting formula means it can go wherever you go and will always be ready to offer support.

  2. Our gummies are also perfect for when you start to feel a little sniffly. Studies show that taking elderberry while you have the flu will help you feel less sick and shorten your stay in bed (which may or may not be a good thing…). 


One trick for taking immunity shots this way is to start earlier. Let’s say you start feeling unwell at 6 pm on a Thursday after a long day of work and too little sleep the night before. When you woke up Thursday morning, you likely didn’t feel great and knew you’d use a lot of energy that day. Start taking your immunity shots when you feel tired and stressed, and continue throughout the day. This gives your immune system the support it needs before you start showing symptoms. 

Try Seattle Gummy Immunity Shots!

SGC Immunity Shot gummies are a delicious, quick way to support your body’s powerful natural defenses. You can take Immunity Shot gummies with you wherever you go; no refrigeration required; these gummies will keep their shape in pockets or hot cars, so you have instant access to:

1. Elderberry

SGC Immunity Shots have five times more elderberry than any other immune gummy. Elderberry loves your immune system and can help you feel better faster. 

2. Antioxidant-Rich Berries

Goji berries and cherries are full of powerful antioxidants that boost immunity and support health.

3. Full-Spectrum Vitamins 

A healthy body has a naturally strong immune system. Give your body the vitamins it needs to stay healthy with the full-spectrum multivitamins in SGC’s Immunity Shots!