Should You Take Caffeine Gummies Every Day?

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Caffeine is a natural stimulant found in over 60 plant species across the globe and is enjoyed by billions of people safely on a daily basis. Coffee, tea, and caffeine gummies are popular caffeine sources used for energy and health benefits. But should you take caffeine gummies every day? In this article, the Seattle Gummy Company (SGC) explores why you can and should take caffeine gummies every day. 

Is it Safe to Take Caffeine Gummies Daily?

Yes. While individual caffeine sensitivity varies, roughly 400mg of caffeine a day is considered safe for adults, and some people regularly enjoy more on a daily basis. A strong cup of coffee and a Mocca Shot caffeine gummy each have 100mg of caffeine. If you usually drink 2-3 cups of coffee a day, you could easily substitute one or two cups of coffee with caffeine gummies.

But, if you drink a cup of green tea with 30-40mg of caffeine and feel anxious and jittery, adjust your caffeine gummy intake accordingly. For example, if you max out at 2 cups of green tea, eat about 2/3 – 1 Mocca Shot over your day instead of drinking green tea. (SGC’s resealable pouches make this easy.)

Additionally, if you are pregnant, have severe anxiety, or have certain health conditions like cardiovascular disease or renal impairment, it’s recommended to be cautious when taking caffeine. 

Why Take Caffeine Gummies Daily?

  1. Taking caffeine daily has many benefits, including supporting energy, mood, and focus.


  2. If you eat a caffeine gummy before, during, or after a workout, the caffeine reduces muscle soreness.


  3. Studies suggest that daily caffeine (coffee) intake reduces the risk of diabetes by helping your body process sugar more efficiently.


  4.  Your risk of cardiovascular death, coronary heart disease, congestive heart failure, and stroke is also reduced with regular intake of coffee and caffeine.


  5. Caffeine gummies are easy to take while on the go—it’s like having a cup of coffee in your pocket!


  6. Mocca Shot caffeine gummies have antioxidant-rich herbs, vitamins, and functional foods that work with caffeine to give clean, steady energy and support your overall health.


What Time of Day Should You Take Caffeine Gummies?

Whenever you need energy to get ____ done! Here are some popular times for caffeine gummies.

1. First thing in the morning:

Many people keep Mocca Shots by their bed, which solves the eternal problem of needing caffeine to make coffee or tea in the morning. 

2. Right before work:

Set yourself up for success with a Mocca Shot gummy right before you walk in the door or log on. SGC’s gummies activate quickly, releasing their ingredients in your mouth while you chew. Other caffeine must be digested before you can feel its effects, but with gummies, you’ll feel more energized in just minutes!

3. With lunch:

Lunch is fuel for the rest of your day. Give yourself a boost with a caffeine gummy, and feel energized, focused, and ready to go! Caffeine gummies pair well with any meal but are especially helpful after a nap-inducing portion of pasta. 

  1. Mid-afternoon:

    Who isn’t familiar with the mid-afternoon slump? You’ve been up and focused for hours, and it’s time to recharge your batteries. Choosing a caffeine gummy like Mocca Shots for its clean, steady energy and clear focus helps you bypass the sugar and caffeine crashes that can come from sweet coffees or energy drinks. 

  2. Evenings:

    Yes, avoiding or limiting caffeine 4-6 hours before sleep is good, especially if you’re sensitive to caffeine. But when you have a busy evening and a late night of events, parties, or work, a caffeine gummy around 6 PM will keep your motor running for the activities ahead of you. 

How Many Caffeine Gummies Should You Take Daily?

Since each day is different, every day might require a different number of caffeine gummies. Relaxing at home versus going to the lake all day will take different energy levels. Plus, your base energy level will vary based on factors like how much you slept, what you’ve been eating, your mood, and stress levels. When answering a question like “How many caffeine gummies should I take every day?” the real answer lies with your energy levels, caffeine tolerance and sensitivity, and the type of day you’re having. A good guess is somewhere between 1 and 5, but every day differs. 

For example, if you’re sensitive to caffeine, the right number of caffeine gummies for you might be 1, taken over a whole day. (It’s easy to microdose caffeine with SGC gummies.) But, if you’re running a marathon or driving across the country, the answer might be more than 4 since both activities require intense focus for hours. And the great thing about SGC caffeine gummies is that they are formulated with herbs, vitamins, and functional foods, so you get steady energy with no crash. 

Seattle Gummy Caffeine Gummy Options

1. Mocca Shot Energy Gummies

Give yourself steady, clean energy with Mocca Shot caffeine gummies. Mocca Shots are more than the average caffeine gummy! Combining caffeine with potent nootropics like cocoa and ginkgo biloba delivers clear, crash-free energy with no jitters.

2. Power-Up Performance Gummies

Give yourself the fuel you need for any workout with the Performance Power-Up caffeine gummy. A complementary mix of carbohydrates gives your muscles energy for your whole workout, while caffeine fuels your focus. Ginseng and B vitamins support endurance and performance, while pre-biotics make these caffeine gummies easy on your stomach.