How To Fight Fatigue and Recover Quickly After Working Out

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Developing an effective recovery routine after exercise is as important as the workout itself. Effective recovery helps your muscles heal and grow, prevents soreness, and supports your energy levels. If your exercise routine leaves you sore and tired, or you want to increase your performance, consider these helpful recovery tips from the fitness experts here at Seattle Gummy (SGC). We’ll explore recovery supplements like electrolyte gummies, the critical role of nutrition, and how to tell if you’re working out too much. 

Why is Recovery Important After a Workout?

Actively taking steps to recover after a workout supports muscle health and energy levels. Recovery also helps to prevent tiresome post-exercise muscle soreness and fatigue. When you help your body recover, your muscles will grow stronger and faster. You will be less sore during and after your workouts. And, you’re more likely to have the energy you want and need in life and during exercise. 

7 Tips for Fighting Fatigue and Recovering Quickly After Exercise

1. Electrolyte Gummies

Staying hydrated during and after exercise helps your body recover and keeps your energy levels up. Essential rehydration after a workout is only possible with electrolytes and fuel. Did you know the World Health Organization (WHO) lists glucose (carbohydrates) as a critical electrolyte? Glucose helps your digestive system absorb water and sodium in a helpful 1:1 ratio. That’s why the Hydrafuel Electrolyte + Fuel gummy (the world’s first!) is so great at hydration! This delicious gummy was formulated based on WHO’s electrolyte recommendations. Athletes are amazed at how effective these gummies are and how much they impact performance!

2. Pre-Workout Gummies

Give yourself a boost with a tasty Power Up pre-workout gummy. With caffeine, B vitamins, a mix of complementary and controlled-release carbohydrates, and an endurance-boosting herb, ginseng, the Power-Up gummy will give you the extra boost you need if you’re working out while tired or need to perform at your best. Caffeine boosts not just physical energy but mental energy as well. Complementary carbohydrates give your muscles access to quick energy, while the controlled-release carbohydrates will be there when you get close to a wall. Ginseng helps you get that last set or mile while branch chain amino acids (BCAA) help prevent sore muscles the next day—one of the things that athletes love about the Power-Up gummy.

3. Recovery Gummies

The Recover gummy is designed to support you after your workout with helpful ingredients that restore muscle glycogen and reduce muscle soreness. Recovery gummies set you up for success during your next workout with an optimal blend of carbohydrates, BCAA, B vitamins, and anti-inflammatory ginger root. After an intense workout, your muscles are primed to store glucose as muscle glycogen rapidly. Take carbs 30-60 minutes after your workout to take advantage of this opportunity.

4. Energy Gummies

Energy gummies like the Mocca Shot are a great way to boost physical energy and lift yourself out of any mental fog. Mocca Shots have more than caffeine; they are also full of functional foods and herbs that support mood, energy, and focus. The herb ginkgo biloba brings more blood to your brain, cocoa boosts mood and antioxidants, and a vitamin B complex helps your body produce energy. 

5. Drink water with your electrolytes

Drinking plenty of water with your electrolyte gummies is key for rehydrating after a workout. The more intense your workout, or if you were exercising in the heat, the more water you need. Do not drink more than 1.5 liters per hour. 

6. Good nutrition overall

A good pre-workout and recovery supplement can go a long way in reducing fatigue during exercise; however, these supplements cannot make up for poor nutrition overall. Eating enough nutrient-rich foods (such as functional foods) throughout the day builds the bulk of your energy stores and will influence your endurance and stamina. Imagine your energy is a campfire; you need logs, small twigs, and kindling. Your pre-workouts, energy, and recovery supplements are like the small twigs and kindling—they help get the fire going and add fuel sources. The larger logs are your overall diet. Your “campfire” won’t burn for long if you’re not eating enough nutrient-dense foods. 

7. Make time for rest and recovery

No matter how good your hydration, nutrition, and supplementation are, these beautiful habits cannot make up for time spent resting and recovering. Adequate time resting is essential for rebuilding your energy stores and allowing your connective tissues to heal and grow. Rest is vital for seeing personal gains regularly. Lack of rest and recovery time can lead to extremely sore muscles and fatigue—at best. Too much exercise with too little recovery time can also weaken your immune system, disturb your sleep and disrupt your mood. 

Why Choose Seattle Gummy Company for Fatigue and Recovery?

SGC’s potent sports and energy gummies combine the best of modern nutritional science, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and advanced gummy technology to deliver powerful performance gummies. Thanks to their revolutionary technology, SGC packs more ingredients into their fast-acting gummies. You can feel confident in SGC’s quality ingredients and effective formulations to fight off fatigue and help you recover every time.